TurboTax vs H&R Block Review

By Gavin | March 29, 2019

It is that time of year in which we have to file taxes, I used to look forward to this when I used to get money back, when I was in school, however, the last year and this year it's looking like we figured out the tax code numbers, all of that, but apparently not, and it's looking like we owe.


So I have been putting it off, I put in all the numbers back in January when we started getting our w-2s, and when I realized that we'd owe I put it off until now. I thought I would give you a little run through about my experience using TurboTax, and then I also tried H&R Block online, I'm going to compare the two for you and just again tell you a little bit about my experience using both.

What is better hrblock or turbo tax?

TurboTax is something that I have honestly used since my first job, it was what my parents used, and since it always had my previous tax information it was really really easy to transfer over all of that information to the new years. I just kept with it.

But again since we old, last year I thought I would give it a chance of trying new products and services out there, I feel like our financial situation does not warrant us having to pay a professional to do our taxes for us, ours isn't overly complicated, we don't own a home.

We have four w-2s this year, an HSA fund, and some like retirement stuff, but not like it's not super complicated, we'd also don't have any dependents things like that don't own a business, although YouTube is considered as a small business.


So I had to put that down there as like a self-employment which actually makes it. I can't have the free version, but anyways let's go into it, not overly complicated, don't mind doing it.

On my own I've only had one problem, in the past in which the government told audited me later on, saying that I did not have tuition in the year, that I had to assure I wasn't at school during that time, but I send in the correct information and it was resolved, and it was really fun.

Who gives a better return hrblock or turbo tax?

TurboTax does have a free version, however, I really think it's completely basic, I mean like if you're a high school student, you have a job, I mean I don't know who can get the free one, honestly, let my dog out below.

If you get the free one because having an HSA requires the deluxe version or whatever having a self-employment or small business or something that like that requires for you to pay more to file your taxes, the deluxe version I put it here for let's say TurboTax it is 59.99, and then state that's also not free, it's 39.99 for H&R Block, I did the same thing and their deluxe, then because I had to upgrade is $54.99, state is still 39.99, so TurboTax ultimately will cost five dollars more for other services.

For essentially the same thing what I like about TurboTax, again I have used it before, so it has my previous information, but it looks like H&R Block has the same, it says my previous taxes over here, so if you continue to use it they will transfer your information from the previous year which is really nice. You don't have to start over, if you've been working the same job, your w-2 information, your employer information is all there for you.

By the way, I'm by no means an expert, whatsoever, I hope I don't make a fool of myself talking about this information, but again I'm just letting you know from a regular human being, what it was like filing taxes. Let's see here if I go do to my taxes, I love that, it gives you a little positive reinforcement right there, you can see that for turbo tax, exact same information has been inputted.

It says that we owe two thousand four dollars, and I will get a refund in Wisconsin for seven hundred and forty dollars, whereas H&R Block we owe 1900 for dollars and we look at a Wisconsin refund of seven hundred and thirty-four dollars. I can't really figure out why there's like a hundred dollar difference in the federal, and then like a six dollar difference in Wisconsin doesn't make sense to me, I guess I'll go through the federal again to make sure that I didn't make any changes within the two.

But I'm working with about a hundred dollar difference between the two, so relatively close though and then, of course, the filing like I said is five dollars cheaper. I noticed at the end of H&R Block, they well actually both of them, H&R Block has one.

Do turbo tax and hrblock offer same services for free

They have a tax identity care and worry-free audit support that you can add on, that's $24.99. They keep offering you these services, I did feel like H&R Block did not offer these services throughout, but rather at the beginning and then at the very end, whereas I kind of felt like TurboTax kept asking you throughout the way to upgrade, and this and that any whom.

Let's see something that I liked in TurboTax a little bit more, as it felt like it was better step-by-step and asks you different questions, and it led you to different areas in the forms, however, like H&R Block I don't know if I could be able to click on it without showing you information.

H&R Block, you get to this page, it says adjustments and deductions, and it just had like a list of them and you had to choose which ones that you thought might apply to you, and then you had to visit each one individually, and I felt like TurboTax like it wasn't quite was a more user friendly with the way that it did these deductions and credits and things like that I do really like the wrap-up.

Though for both of them I can't quite show you the breakdown, because they'll show by personal employer information, however, is a really nice breakdown, that both of the services give you that tell you exactly how much that you owe or what your standard deductions are, and then it gives you additional information in details along the way to make sure that you understand.

Here's the kind of breakdown that TurboTax gives you, I don't think it's a little as detailed as the H&R Block, one is, however, I like that because I've done the taxes here in the past, it will show 2017 vs. 2018, what the differences were how much we owed, how much we made taxes withheld Exedra, and then you hope that this is a great thing that they have all these tax breaks, and they make sure that it's a hundred percent accurate.

TurboTax also gives you a lot of tax advice, the help bar is especially or the help is especially useful, I overall think that both of these are relatively easy to navigate, maybe it's because I'm used to TurboTax that I find it a little more user friendly, the prices are very similar, the amount that I ended up getting at the end for how much we owe or how much we're getting a refund and are relatively similar.

I think either product is probably pretty good, I've read a lot of reviews on both, and they seem to be up to the same alley, I wish that there was more of a free version. My heart is still with TurboTax, I know that it would be about a hundred dollars more unless I can figure out what the big change is, but I just like having all my information in one place and I feel confident in the past of my service, and I just felt like I was still overall a little bit more user friendly.

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