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By Gavin | March 26, 2019

OnlineTaxes HRBlock com and 2018 has certainly brought changes to the tax landscape, however, some things seem to stay the same according to a new survey of 3,000 Americans commissioned by H&R Block. 


82% of respondents say they wish the tax preparation process was easier, H&R block's Meg Sutton is here to share tax tips and options for those who want an easier and more efficient way to file their taxes. Here is some advice we have for individuals who still need to file their taxes.

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You still have plenty of time to file, but what you need to do right now is get organized, take all of your tax documents that you will need and put them all in a folder or all in one place, and that is because every tax document that you have will be factored into your return and will ultimately lead to the deductions and credits that you are eligible to claim.

In order to reduce that anxiety and that frustration make sure that you're as organized as you can possibly be, for me the stress comes from all the paper, how is technology helping tax filers save time? This tax season absolutely so technology is bringing more convenience to tax preparation this year, we're launching H&R Block tax Pro go, where clients can answer a few questions and be connected with a tax pro and their price, and then they just simply upload their documents to that tax pro and the tax pro will complete the return within about five days all without ever stepping foot in an office.

Can I file previous years taxes with hrblock?

What tax implication should people work in the new gig economy? Be aware of so freelancers, have a lot of questions when they come in, to file their return there are three important things for them to know. The first is that the tax forms that we file are going to be different. Second is that the documentation that they use to complete that return is going to be different as well, so make sure you're holding on to receipts and anything that you have for your business. The third is that instead of making all of your withholding on your paycheck you're going to make estimated payments to the IRS on a quarterly basis.

What impact it tax reform have on taxpayers who are self-employed or earning income outside of a traditional employer? Tax reform is a good news story for small business owners, the tax breaks within tax reform are going to reduce the amount of tax liability that that business has, and then it's about a 20% pay increase for that small business owner, where can Americans go to find more information about the new option for filing taxes in 2018.

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