HRBlock Online Account of Handle IRS Notices

By Gavin | March 28, 2019

HRBlock online account of handle IRS notices and uou brought most taxpayers, fear IRS audits, but taxpayers are more than twice as likely to get an audit, like notice than an actual audit, there are one point four million IRS audits each year, but last year there were three point seven million IRS notices regarding underreported income, that's just a small portion of the over a hundred and seventy-eight million IRS notices sent annually whether an IRS audit or an IRS notice.


The impact on the taxpayer is the same, the taxpayers return faces scrutiny with a high probability of a change in a process that takes several months to complete and can result in additional tax penalties and interest. 

When contacted by the IRS a taxpayer should act quickly, assess the situation and know when and where to get help taxpayers who hear from the IRS, which will happen by mail initially never by phone. And should take action as soon as possible, delays could result in additional penalties and fees, resolving some IRS notices or audits, may be as simple as sending supporting documentation to the IRS.

In other cases, the process may be more complex with the most onerous audits requiring face-to-face meetings with the IRS, taxpayers should research their IRS notice to learn more about their issue, tax professionals can help resolve the audit apply for a penalty relief or help figure out a payment plan.

If a face-to-face meeting is required enrolled agents can represent the taxpayer before the IRS. While the chances of an IRS audit are slim, many more millions of taxpayers will still go through a very audit like process with the validity of their return on the line.