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By Gavin | March 28, 2019

HRBlock com RefundAdvance and how quickly you're able to complete your income tax return? This year thousands of Americans will not see a dime of their refund for weeks, the IRS is slowing down the refund process. They say it's for our own good, here is to explain the delay and who's affected.


Actually, there are 40 million working-class Americans that are affected by this delay, the reason the IRS wants more time to catch identity thieves that are stealing returns. In 2014 scammers stole 3.1 billion in tax returns, while the IRS insists the delay is in our best interest, not everyone is in agreement.

How long does HRBlock tax refund take

If it's late, it's not that good bet. When Durer like many in southwest Florida has her tax returns spent before she gets it, why it's simple? The IRS needs more time to process returns in hopes of catching scammers, trying to get your refund before you do their return will be healthy next 2-3 weeks.

Norah Rostam with H&R Block says, those claiming tax credits like earned income or child tax credit are most affected, usually you would be able to get your return before February 13th, now the IRS warns your check isn't likely until late February or early March.

A lot of people are scared that, they're afraid about whatever I'm going to do with these couple weeks, out any money for families like Garry Koontz we were looking for, it was to do that getting it, because we earned that.

It's the biggest check they'll get all year, think about the people that got kids like me, and other people and they be looking forward with that stuff, now H&R Block realizes the delayed refund can cause a hardship. That's why they're offering the refund advance, you can get up to 1250 at 0% interest.

My current husband is he depends on that too pay for shoes and supplies, and things to keep his business going to take care of our children. Now we found other companies that are offering cash advances as well, all you have to do is ask now.

Here's the best advice, tax experts say file your tax return as soon as you get your w-2 form, you're less likely to have your return stolen, and if you're filing a 1040ez form you won't see a delay, you'll get your refund on time in about three weeks.

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