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By Gavin | March 29, 2019

HRBHiring HRBlock com maximizes same day and I'm a manager in talent acquisition for H&R Block, my team manages the field seasonal hiring processes, which support hiring all of our 80,000 tax office associates for each tax season.

H&R Block currently utilizes the IBM talent suite, we highly utilize the IBM brass ring automation, in terms of we have decentralized hiring, our hiring managers are getting into the system reviewing their own candidates and extending their offers.


We've implemented quite a bit of automation to support that, a few years ago we actually moved to what we call same-day hiring, which allows thousands of our associates to apply for a job, receive an offer, and complete their onboarding same-day at H&R Block.

We're really excited about what's next, when it comes to IBM Watson recruiter one of the things we're most excited about is rec prioritization, what this will allow our recruiters to do is focus on the recs that need the most attention, whether that's more recruiter time spent sourcing quality candidates or setting expectations with their hiring managers around.

How long it will take to fill a job we're also very excited about, the candidates scoring capabilities which will allow our recruiters and hiring managers to focus on the candidates that have the most potential for success first, so that we are reaching out to them in a timely manner, and also making sure that we're focusing on the most quality candidates.

Another piece of the IBM Watson product that we're excited to start exploring is the social listening component, where I really think this will drive, value is allowing our recruiters to have more meaningful engaging conversations.

And with their candidates around how H&R Block might compare to other companies that they're looking at, as well as our competitors the use of automation to the brass ring tools has allowed us to hire thousands of people same day, meaning they've applied for the job received an offer and been on-boarded the same day.

Another benefit that we've gained is really efficiencies in the back office, so before we implemented these tools we had many people sitting behind the scenes clicking buttons, which might be moving a candidate to a new HR or sending a communication or checking in on a candidate.

But we have implemented quite a bit of automation that has allowed us to repurpose those back-office operations teams for more value-add activities.

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