H&R Block Tax Software Interview

By Gavin | March 28, 2019

We're doing our taxes with H&R block's help, of course, the best part is you can do this right from your own home bedroom, wherever whenever you like, and this is a lot easier than doing it with your accountant for hours on end. Here to help us tackle all the tough tax questions we have, and to do this on our own is Eric Roebuck from H&R Block.


We're here to talk about our H&R Block tax products to help you file your taxes very very easy, so it's going to be super quick and simple, we're going to help you do this on your own. Let's go ahead and start with the basic version of the software, I think this is the version that most people will be interested in.

I remember the first time I did my taxes it was really daunting, I did them on my own actually filed the wrong paper. I'm hoping this kind of software would actually prevent that.

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Will, it so absolutely all of our products are designed with simplicity in mind? Every question we ask is very easy, kind of like a friend talking to you, all those weeks are really easy absolutely. On top of that, all of our products come with three things, they come with our maximum refund guarantee, our accuracy guarantee, and our in-person audit support for free.

What this means is not only are we going to get you your maximum refund possible, but we're going to be a hundred percent accurate with that, and also in case you do, if Uncle Sam does audit you, you are literally there, every step of the way right next. I remember it was really expensive to be audited, this is free, it's absolutely audited.

We are the only company that offers free in-person audit support, after all that, what if I still have more like tax-related questions, as everyone knows H&R Block knows a thing or two about taxes, and so we actually extend that expertise to our users in terms of free tax chat, so you can ask an unlimited amount of questions to our tax pros, and I love chatting absolutely.

There you go, you get your questions answered as well as you love chatting, we're good now, let's go ahead and start off with the basic version, what kind of filing can I achieve with this? What can I expect from the basic version? The H&R block basic product is geared towards just basic tax situations, if it sounds exactly you have one or one or two jobs, maybe you rant you very basic situations, it also will help you cover ACA or Obamacare which we're in the second year of that.

If that does apply to your tax situation the product will walk you through how to file the proper it forms, appropriate forms, and everything else with that. That's really great, is there a limit to the amount of w-2s or like ten nine nines? I could file with the basic because I always have a ton of those, so there's no limit.

I've been literally downloading or put in yourself any w2 and 1099, no limit for that. On top of all this H&R block basic comes with a feature were that we've always been very excited about refund reveal, so what sounds exciting, as a lot of people know a lot of text products have this number. That just kind of moves up and down, that tells you either the amount you're getting back, that you have to.

This number moves up and down quite frequently depending on all the information that you're feeding them, and sometimes I feel like it's been tricky because I don't really know why it's moving something down, that's exactly right. When the products to tell you they come in sort of like text jargon that it's like a little bit intimidating.

What refund reveal is designed to do is solve these two problems by always giving you real-time access to the information behind the number that we're showing as well as provided in very easy layman terms. For an example, instead of talking about your children for an example as a tax credit refund reveal, we'll explain to you how Sara is helping your text situation and any daycare expenses that she has. That's really helpful.

If there's something you're spending a lot of money on that you're like I'm not really good and great credit from that, and for the next year you would know that exactly, so you can go back and reference it at any time, and again it's always real time. Anytime your motor number moves up and down you can take a peek at refund revealed, and I'll tell you why that is, so it's called basic, but actually, it seems to do quite a lot of things are those features included in the other versions.

All the features that we talked about refund reveal the help with ACA downloading w2 is all the maximum refund and auto guarantees that we have are included in all of our products not just basic.

Now let's make things a bit more fun, if I'm a homeowner which I'm not or an investor type which I am, what version would I use for that? H&R Block Deluxe is definitely perfect for you because it helps you file your mortgage taxes and any real estate taxes you have, plus helps you with any stock transactions that you might have sold throughout the year.

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H&R Block also helps you with charitable donations, if you happen to donate a big box of clothes to Goodwill it'll help you walk through. What though actually means for your taxes? That's awesome, I donate clothes all the time you have to keep your receipt for stuff like that you do that helps, but in case you don't, we can go through and help you figure that out. I donated a lot of stuff when I moved this year, so I think that would be helpful for anyone that moved.

There are two different versions of deluxe, we have federal and state, and we have just federal. Why would someone choose one over the other? The reason why you would choose one or the other is a lot of states actually don't have an income tax, so you don't have to follow your taxes in that state. If that's the case then H&R Block deluxe plus federal is all. If you really need to get your taxes done that's nice and you save a little money with that version. I'm assuming that's correct.

Let's go ahead and jump into premium, this is mainly for a small business owner, the premium product helps small business owners file their personal taxes, so any small business owner that would need a Schedule C definitely wants needs to the H&R Block premium product. It also will help customers that have a rental property, and that's associated with, that will help them file their taxes too.

Does this cover your business too? That is actually our premium plus business products, you would want that product for the premium part of it, which helps with the person filing, your personal taxes, as well as the business part of it. If you're an S corporation LLC partnership or a nonprofit organization H&R Block Premium Plus business is exactly what you would need.

That's really great that you can use it for nonprofits absolutely, so we love to help people out and this product will definitely help.