H & R Block EmeraldCard - Buyers Beware

By Gavin | January 02, 2019

It's time to file those taxes again. So you walk in taking our block, shake the purses hand, sit down to start the process, it's a long drawn-out procedure. They offer you cookies and coffee and even some water, and you're sitting there saying okay I'm going to be here for a while. As they're asking you questions and stuff, you start to build a rapport with the salesperson, I mean tax advisor.

So that you're talking to them and they're asking you questions, you build a rapport, you start out share stories about your life and your war stories, your good times in your bad times, how you can get to a point, where you start swapping photos. You're to the end of it, you ask how much am I going to get for this, and they say what you're going to get X amount of dollars and it's a lot more than what you thought. So you're excited like okay won't get more than I thought, so right before they sing on your merry way, they introduce the Emerald card.

This card the way you can get up to three thousand dollars advance, all the taxes you see made three thousand dollars in advance on my taxes. What's the cash? See no cash, just a thirty-five out of feet. Are there any other fees associated this card? Not at all, all you have to do is just put your thumb sign up for. It will put you up there, and tomorrow you'll have your money.

So you're excited because you don't have to wait a whole month to get your tax return. You're sitting there, you're waiting the twenty-four hours just like a good purse, and are you excited because get three thousand dollars right until you sign on the next day and you realize you're not getting three thousand? You're not getting two thousand, not fifteen hundred, not even a thousand dollars, what you see five hundred bucks. Now you know you got good credit, so it couldn't be that, and you're getting a really really high tax return, so it couldn't be that either.

Why are you getting a bare minimum here? You think it may be just an oversight, so you move on with your life, there's no big deal, it is what it is. It does say up to three thousand, it's nothing describe out, just walk away, so you walk away from me, you don't get, you don't start a fuss or whatever, and you wait to your tax return is loaded onto your card. It hits your card and you start using the card because everything's free, you look at the transactions and you see a $3 feet every single time you went to their mac machine.

Now you're sure you wanted a match because you made a point that goes to their Mac machine, you went on a little app, you look that location, you put in your area code, and everything like that, and guess what you got the right back machine. Again must be an oversight, so you call the pointy hundred number one back of the card, and you find out in the pre-recording that not only is this tree not on fee for using their Mac machine, but it's a $35 fee to get a cash advance to your bank, and you can only do up to $5,000. You got way more than that, so you got to do that D slice.

This is what happened to me, the reason why I'm telling you this is because if you're like me and you have decent credit, and you have a well-established bank account. there's no reason for you to get this fee infested card. I have to wait. 

So I have literally I have to go to the Mac machine at least seven times before I can get three-four thousand dollars out of it, and I got more than it, so it's a fee every time I go to it, because they put a limit on how much you could take out per transaction. So I went to my fake, I took out five grand guesses what you file out of feed, I do the same thing tomorrow. All I had to do was wait, now keep in mind I got this entry card last year, and this was a year that I needed the cash, and fast I didn't need it this year, I needed it last year.

Because I was going to take my wife out for Valentine's Day because I got the tax, my taxes are done on the 13th of last year, so I got the inner card last year, something I was here, 3000, didn't get it, no big deal. So I continued using it, it took me till this year to find out I was getting charged at $3 every single time I went to the Mac machine.

Up to that point, I didn't think there were any fees at any at all. I wasn't even paying attention to it, because I was just using a Mac machine trusting my tax advisor, because that's what she told me just to find out I was getting.

Please notice this is not a scam, I'm not going to make this looking like this. Because if you are one of those people that don't have a bank account, you can't get one, trust me, I understand I've been on check system before, so I get it you need the card, but if you're going for the tax advance like the cash advance, don't waste your time.

Because for the vast majority of us we're going to get that five hundred bucks, because it's beneficial to them to give you $5.00 over the three thousand, they can advertise it up to three thousand as long as they give one or two people that they can say they do it right.

So don't with your time with your shitty-ass card, have the money sync to your bank account or have the money sent to your house in a cheque form. There's no point of loading its card with your money, and you're going to have to spend at least a hundred bucks to get your money off that damn card, so waste of your time and to waste your money.